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     The first vampire novel in the April Curran Series is now available for purchase as an e-book on Kindle and other e-book reading devices. People who sent polite e-mails and told me they wanted to read the first novel in the series, but could not afford the hardcover book's price might be both surprised and thrilled with the e-book's price.     
Exciting news!

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                  Novel  Writing  Samples  Page


On this page you will see a brief synopsis of my novel 
April Curran Meets the Vampire of 
                       Crimson Cove High School

Below the synopsis are a few writing samples from the novel.
Exciting news
! The first novel in the April Curran Series is now available for purchase as an e-book!!!! I think most who have sent nice e-mails asking when the novel could be purchased as an e-book, will be quite happy (perhaps thrilled) when they see the e-book's price. Want to go to the Amazon page listing my e-book for sale? If yes click here  


                      APRIL CURRAN MEETS THE VAMPIRE OF 
                      CRIMSON COVE HIGH SCHOOL 
                              ISBN 978 - 1 - 60264 - 526 - 4

In this first book in The April Curran Series, school’s back in session at Crimson Cove High, definitely not your average educational facility. School takes place in a formerly abandoned king’s castle!
     Wealthy April Curran forms a friendship with two new students, one a vampire named Lucian and the other named Dutch, whom some suspect might be the legendary chupacabra.
     As their friendship grows, they must learn to accept each other’s differences as some weird occurrences take place inside school. What happens outside the school’s ivy-coated, fortress-like walls is even stranger.
     The three encounter an angry, ghostly spirit, a hungry shark, a tree that likes to hug people and more in this fantasy world where there are ogres, cackling witches, sorcerers, dragon-like cave beasts and official, certified vampires can fly.
     As April struggles to make it through her sophomore year and pass algebra, she gets a crush on Lucian thanks to his charm and strikingly handsome profile.
     April is looking forward to her upcoming Sweet Sixteen birthday in June. Little does she know devious party crashers plan to make it a day to remember, just not in the way she had planned.
     Will April Curran survive her sophomore year and Sweet Sixteen birthday party to reach eleventh grade?


               Below are some writing samples from the novel 
      April Curran Meets the Vampire of Crimson Cove High School


Chapter 4 writing sample

     A large quantity of the lightning’s brightness flashed through the expansive three story mansion’s floor to ceiling windows. Located at the corner of looping Crescent Street and S-shaped Fillymark Avenue, Curran Manor–largest home for two miles any direction–had many windows and many doors with more windows. There were dozens of spacious rooms with nooks and crannies and places to get lost in (one could ask the Curran’s three daughters if in doubt). The lightning’s flash even reached inside the suits of armor, quite the task considering they were in a downstairs hallway lined by windows with heavy drawn curtains.
     Upstairs in bedroom number five, preparing last year’s pristine school uniform for the next day’s start of school–precisely the third of September–April Abigail Curran flinched. At fifteen years of age she had seen her share of night storms–the night ones were always the most frightening–but this one was different in its ferociousness.
     This storm had arrived with little warning, quite the opposite of recent trends. As the earth had heated and oceans had risen in recent years, normally the news–television, Internet, radio–brashly warned when severe weather was on the horizon.
     Today what little news she caught walking by the television after dinner merely mentioned a twenty percent chance of showers by bowtie-wearing weatherman Claude
        “Cirrus Cloud Spotter” Mane. April expected a few drops against her windows. Maybe one flash of lightning. Simple stuff. Like usual. This time the tacky bowtie-wearing, weather-spouting guy was wrong. Quite wrong!
     “Showers,” April said, “more like super duper showers. With hurricane-like gusts!”
     No doubt the manor’s outdoor pool was littered with overturned sunning chairs and the three pool deck’s tables’ umbrellas were probably floating in the deep end by now. That’s where April’s parrot shaped raft usually ended up. She preferred the manor’s indoor pool. It had a friendlier current and was heated.
     The shutters flapped against her bedroom windows. The repeated thumping caused April to quicken her pace. The sooner she finished the quicker she could slip downstairs for a cup of hot cocoa. That was her cover story. All cool teens could manage a cover story and she was no exception. Running to her parents and cowering in their arms was okay when she was ten. Now she was a teenager and such fraidy-cat behavior was...ahem...politically incorrect. She needed that cover story. Mum, I was hungry for a cup of hot cocoa. Please have Mr. Charles prepare it with extra marshmallows. Not that they would have to remind Mr. Charles of her tastes. Like any good butler, he was astute and aware enough to know to prepare any dish to a family member’s liking. Father was on a low cholesterol diet. Mum loved Greek cuisine with extra spices and olive oil. April liked her sandwich with the crusts cut off and no crayfish ever. Megan hated squash. Tuesday couldn’t handle milk well. Aunt Edna freaked at the sight of sardines.


Chapter 26 writing sample

     The Fifth Circuit Court for Mythical, Wild and Domesticated Creatures Actual, Imagined, Cloned or Extinct heard cases involving breeches of criminal law between applicable creatures and humanity. The court was held inside a warehouse sized building shaped like a lion built in a field surrounded by thick hedges carefully trimmed in the shape of tigers. On exceptionally windy days, the hedges tiger growled as the breeze squeezed through the shrubbery. One entered the courthouse at the lion’s twenty foot high mouth, passed through security at one paw and proceeded to the main courtroom in the belly. Judicial offices, storage rooms, bathrooms and a tofu-serving snack bar were located near the tail. At this court, representation by attorney was allowed but discouraged. Most defendants who stepped into this building realized that truth and humility delivered in their own voice was the best defense and talking animals were allowed to testify. This court did not hear civil cases. Civil cases were held in the giant sheep shaped court building with hedges shaped like parrots down the street.
     The Fifth Circuit Court had ruled on many high profile, important cases in recent years. Members of the media often camped out in front of the building. The judges within these lion-shaped walls had ruled on some of the most controversial crimes between creatures and humans. Armas Star the magical unicorn was convicted of stealing every circus light from The Great Traveling Circus of Cyclone Grove, thereby bankrupting the circus company and causing the death of its owner by heart attack. It was in this court where a shoe cobbler named Porterfield was found guilty of manslaughter of an ogre. Wealthy landowner and part time stock car driver Nicholas Alfred Chase Pennyflood–heir to the Pennyflood Family Fortune–was found guilty in the death of a Vulcan Cave Ten-Eyed Beast when he tried to smoke the beast out of a cave on some property he owned. A helicopter pilot talking on his cell phone was found guilty for negligence after his helicopter struck and killed a winged, flying horse named Sir Muses.


Chapter 44 writing sample

     Principal Penderplum and Dean Steinbeck slipped away from the dining hall while students were assembling for a dinner of either red snapper or lasagna. They both went to the front of the school and waited by the flagpole. Thaddeus Gomez Kavesky was due soon. He was the witch dowser with the largest phone book advertisement and he was overdue like an unwanted library book.
     “Late,” Principal Penderplum muttered. “By ten minutes.”
     “He’ll be here,” Dean Steinbeck said. “His fee assures it.”
     “I alerted the guard booth out front so there shouldn’t be any delay there.”
     “Might be late,” Dean Steinbeck said, “due to getting stopped for speeding to get over here. I’d travel fast to a location for a fee such as his.”
     "Better to pay a premium,” Principal Penderplum said, “for perfection than pay a pittance for hyperbole.”
     The sound of a backfiring, decrepit auto engine echoed through the woods. They both stared at each other in disbelief as Thaddeus’s auto emerged on to the driveway and approached them. Music Mozart wrote blared from the car’s interior. Beautiful music. Ugly automobile.
     “Are you joking?” Principal Penderplum said, mouth ajar.
     “The dowser’s here,” Dean Steinbeck said, “arriving in a car smoking more than yesterday’s bonfire.” He sighed. “How quaint.”
     Thaddeus slammed on the brakes. Screech! He drove a nineteen twenty eight Max B model with side running boards, a crankshaft and a busted headlight. There were holes rusted in the car’s sides and floor. The car had a scarab beetle hood ornament. The bumper sticker attached to the rear read I’M NOT AN EXTERMINATOR. As he shut off the engine the car backfired three times and the hood ornament rattled. When Thaddeus opened his driver’s side door it almost broke off. The windshield was cracked and the license plate was loose. The shut-off engine hissed like an angry alligator.
     “Top of the day,” Thaddeus said as he exited the car, stopping to spit shine a side mirror and bang his shoes against the rusted front bumper to knock some heel mud loose.
     Principal Penderplum nodded and tried to smile. Tried to.
     Thaddeus coughed up phlegm and spit into a nearby flower pot next to the flagpole. The flower in the pot instantly withered and died.


           Below are more writing samples from the novel 
April Curran Meets the Vampire of Crimson Cove High School


Chapter 53 writing sample

     Mr. Charles picked up Lucian and April at school. For Lucian it was the first time he rode in a spotless, stretched chauffeured car and once inside Curran Manor he was still giddy from the experience. The customized car had tinted rear windows and it was fun when stopped at a red light how curious, gawking pedestrians bent over and angled for a look at who was inside. A rock star? Corporate raider wearing a five hundred dollar tie? A crime boss in a crimped hat? A spoiled kid with a bratty smile? Now he knew how his father Constantin must have been feeling. In Romania his father was probably being treated like royalty. Did cars in Romania have power windows, leather seats and a tinted sunroof like the one that ferried him? Lucian could only wonder.
“That’s Mum and Father,” April said as she led Lucian into her home’s large parlor.
Mum and Father approached. They were both dressed up nice for the occasion. It was a day to feast on turkey and give thanks. It was also the first time a vampire was in their midst. If Lucian didn’t bite them, they would give thanks for that.
     “My sisters Tuesday and Megan didn’t grace us with their presence this time,” April said. “Big college football game tomorrow and they’re both eyeing the star quarterback.”
     “Both eyeing the quarterback?” Lucian asked. “Sounds like a building turf war.”
“Get used to it,” April said, “I had to. I knew about my sisters’ sibling rivalry when I was using a rattle.”
     “Your sisters cheerleaders at college?” Lucian asked.
“Nope. Tuesday’s on the debate team and in biology club. Megan’s in a sorority and a member of the university’s badminton team and she runs some track and field.”
“Then how they expect to date the star quarterback?” Lucian asked.


Chapter 56 writing sample

     Tatum was the only cheerleader who returned back to school early after yesterday’s holiday feast. She had spent the holiday with her mother and returned to school just before Friday’s dinner was served in the dining hall. The Crimson Cove Room of Knowledge was closed until the following Monday so most sophomore students back at school were either in the common room or in their dorm rooms playing board games or listening to music. Cody, Fletch and Ambrose were breaking school rules by betting with dice in their newly inhabited dorm room at the end of the hall.
     The television in the common room was playing
The Sound of Music. Tatum sat on a sofa watching with dozens of other students. So many had crowded into the common room that many students sat on the floor munching on fruit from the bowl on the table.
     “We interrupt this program,” came an announcer’s voice on the television, “for breaking news.”
     “Oh no,” one female student said. “I bet a politician made a gaff.”
     “Nope it’s a tornado somewhere,” another female student said.
     The television screen went gray awaiting a news feed. Tatum
hated gray! 
     “Something about a train derailment,” another female student said.   
     Students kept tossing their theories into the air.
     “Car accident or someone dropped dead in a doorway.”
     “Water spout!”
     “Someone famous kicked the bucket or a bank robbery.”
     “Someone famous got caught using drugs.”
     “A bum riding a bus without paying got arrested.”
     “Shhhhhh,” a male student said. “The old gray guy who looks like a dead guy in a suit is coming on to tell us what happened.”


Chapter 60 writing sample

     Lucian and April were both called out of separate homeroom classes on a Tuesday morning in middle December. This surprised both of them because tedious before winter break examinations were in one week and all professors were helping students study to score well on the exams, upon which school funding and reputation was based. After the exams was a two week holiday break, with classes resuming after New Year’s Day. Every student was anxiously awaiting the time off. 
     They were both summoned to Professor Kryber’s classroom, somewhat surprising because he had a substitute that day. Mr. Fillikins, an in-house sub with a shiny bald head, was instructing students when Lucian and April walked in the room. Mr. Fillikins was an excellent sub. He was from Ireland, played the banjo and loved to talk about the time he survived getting struck by lightning when operating an amusement park ride as a teenager. Sometimes he would show his ankle scar where the lightning’s bolt exited.
     Lucian and April arrived at the classroom at the same time.
     “Hello,” April said as she entered the room. “Lucian and I both received a pass telling us to come to Professor Kryber’s room.”
     “Must have meant the cottage,” Mr. Fillikins said. “I’m subbing for him this class and next. He’s in the cottage tending to the bird.”
     “Thanks,” April said.


Chapter 65 writing sample

     Students in homeroom advanced placement algebra were sluggish on January fifth, the first class of the day on the first day school was back in session after the holiday break. Even Lucian was sluggish, having gotten into a routine of late wake ups. This morning he was awakened at seven fifteen, as was usual for students in residence. The kangaroos were not sluggish, they kept their bounce and step as they earlier maneuvered down the dorm hallways with the morning’s newsletter. Miss Dutko was not sluggish either. By seven in the morning she had her usual bright eyes and attentive smile.
     Professor Armand Cobra, graduate of prestigious Hargrove U in upscale Howell Town, was hardly sluggish. He was pepped up and, after taking attendance, took stock of the group of sleepy eyes before him. Running strong on three cups of dark coffee, he knew he had to do something faster than he could say trigonometric functions.
     “Today,” Professor Cobra said, “we’re going to incorporate a lesson with one of the rooms along Curiosity Hallway.”
     Every student in the math class sat up straight and became wide-eyed. Most had never been inside any of the rooms on Curiosity Hallway. Only those who had a professor the previous year incorporate a lesson would have been allowed to see inside a room. Lucian was as excited as any of the other twenty eight students.
     “You see without math we wouldn’t know about outer space,” Professor Cobra said. “We wouldn’t be able to make a batch of cookies without math. We wouldn’t be able to time a foot race without math. Why without math we couldn’t measure a room to figure out how much carpeting we need.”
      “True,” Lucian whispered to himself.
     Math was used to fit a certified vampire into a proper sized coffin for sleeping. Math was used to measure a certified vampire for a proper fitting cape. Lucian knew his old town Gray Harbor Village could not 
have functioned without math. It was that important.
     “Before we enter the room,” Professor Cobra said, “all who have a cell phone with a camera turn it in on my desk. You will get it back.” He frowned. “No photos are allowed inside any rooms on Curiosity Hallway. It’s a rule set in stone.”


Below are some lines of dialogue from the novel
April Curran Meets the Vampire of Crimson Cove High School.

Like the dialogue? 

The first novel in the April Curran Series can now be
purchased as an e-book on Kindle. Very soon it should be available
for purchase on the Nook as well. 

Below are a few lines of actual dialogue from the novel. I personally find dialogue to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing a novel. I must admit I like quirky dialogue.   

     _____     _____     _____     ____      _____     ____

"That's not a bald spot," Lucian said, "it's just an area of hair taking a vacation."

     _____     _____     _____     _____     _____     _____

Mrs. Alupi: "Fingerprints on my spotless ceiling. That's why maids who are mere
mortals won't take day work in this town. It's not the teeth to the neck. It's stuff like
fingerprints on the ceiling. Cleaning out the bed bugs in the coffins. Getting wrinkles out of the capes."

     _____     _____     _____     _____     _____     _____

"You bit into that like a beast," Lucian said. "Like a growling beast."  

     _____     _____     _____     _____     ______    _____

"Goodnight Miss Thackroy," Aunt Edna said. "Go tend to your killer bee collection."

     _____     _____     _____     _____      ______     ____

"Chupacabra gonna get ya," Fletch yelled. 

     _____     _____     _____     _____     ______     _____

April: "Facial wrinkles say mid fifties no matter how much pancake makeup 
          she slathers."

     _____     _____     _____     _____     ______     ______

Hope you enjoyed these lines of dialogue from my novel. 


Thanks for reading a writing sample from the first
book in the April Curran Series.

Hope you enjoyed the writing!

Below is a short synopsis from the second novel in the
April Curran Series. As of today, July 31, 2011, the novel is
not yet published. I will announce on my blog, and on the latest news page of my website when the second book is
available for purchase.     

The name of the second novel in the series is

     April Curran Storms Vampire Camp


  In this second book in the April Curran Series, school’s out for the summer. April’s sophomore year has ended, she’s passed ( whew! ) and since tenth grade took place in a boarding school, the students are back home and have separated.
April, quite wealthy, plans to take it easy for the summer. Her main exertion will be lazy days swimming in one of her family’s two fancy pools. Or so she thinks.
     Dutch, quite poor, plans to locate summer employment. Or so he hopes
     Lucian, a vampire but not yet a certified, official vampire, waits to go away for two weeks to a very special summer camp for vampires-to-be, as some refer to the camp located in spooky, hilly Scarecrow Valley. Or so he expects.
     Alas, things don’t quite go as planned. 
     Lucian arrives at camp and finds a few old enemies who intend to make his two week stay as memorable as possible, and not in a good way. Lucian learns after he arrives, of course, that camp might be more trying and dangerous than he ever expected. 
     Dutch finds in a down economy when one is a teenager, job opportunities don’t exactly appear at every corner. Much to his chagrin, he finds himself behind a cash register or applying for minimum wage jobs working a fry machine. Dutch, frustrated by the low pay and lousy working conditions, devises a plan to take a photo of the elusive, deadly chupacabra and sell it to a tabloid for money. Dutch invites April along, realizing it’s dangerous in the woods where the beast hides. Will April go along
     April’s father will soon have a trial date in court on two courts of manslaughter of a ghost, so April understands her plans for a typical rich-girl’s carefree summer might not go on as scheduled. But even April’s surprised when a telegram arrives requesting she run away to camp and help Lucian who, the telegram claims, is in trouble and needs her assistance immediately. Sixteen year old April, a mere mortal, loves Lucian. How can she refuse to run to his side in a time of need? 
April runs away to the camp and along the way encounters big trouble, when Lucian’s former girlfriend Andreea, an official, certified vampire,  devises a sneaky, dangerous scheme to get April out of the way so Andreea can again claim Lucian as her love. 
.      Will April survive her encounter with Andreea? 
Will Lucian survive summer camp? 
Will Dutch survive trying to get an up close photo of the dangerous chupacabra?

Below is a short writing sample from the second novel in
the April Curran Series. As of today, July 31, 2011, the
novel is not yet published.    

     Lucian sat across from April at booth number eleven, a lucky number April exclaimed as they were seated by a gum chewing hostess. Gil Clap’s Diner, just a stone’s throw from Dragonlane Township’s only tar pit, only had twenty cramped booths and ten counter stools. April refused to sit at a stool, she didn’t like the way some of them spun around. This was the last time she would see Lucian before he went away for two weeks to vampire camp, and she certainly didn’t want to be dizzy. 
     Like many diners in the area, Gil Clap’s Diner had a noisy kitchen, big fold out menu’s, spilled ketchup on the tiles, quick moving waitresses in checkered skirts and a large, glass enclosed, refrigerated dessert display case. Occasionally, April’s sweet tooth caused her to glance at the desserts inside. Her favorite was the black forest cake, each slice so big she wondered how it could fit on a plate. 
     April -- and for that matter Lucian -- didn’t notice Andreea standing on the other side of the display case. Dressed like a tourist at a summer lake, Andreea had followed Lucian over to the diner. Lucian’s father drove him over in a car borrowed from a member of The Toothy Council. Andreea flew behind the car at a safe height, unnoticed by all except the dragonfly that slapped her in the face -- “dragonfly guts triple yucky,” Andreea exclaimed mid-flight -- and some smart aleck teen flying a kite. The vampire-hating teen, upon seeing Andreea gliding by, deliberately aimed his kite towards her. Thankfully, the teen’s aim -- and manners -- were off by a wide shot. 
     From behind the display case, Andreea had a semi-clear view of booth eleven. Part of Lucian’s head -- including the slight bald spot on top that Andreea found so enchanting -- was blocked by a key lime pie. And part of April’s left shoulder was blocked by a large slice of angel food cake. How ironic, as there was nothing angelic about what Andreea was doing. 
     Listening in. 
     Some might call it stalking.




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